Glomaris at CMA Shipping 2016

We had the pleasure of having existing customers, partners and many interesting companies for a talk about current and future Shipping challenges, and the importance of staying on top of both costs and revenue. 
Multiple sessions and speakers clearly showed the need for slimmer and more clever investment strategies when choosing your next shipping solution. Glomaris Pay-as-you-go is our new pricing solution for you, where a low monthly payment for a full service, will support you on your way forward. The time for big traditional software investments is over, as we witness a switch from a capital expense to an operational expense as an attractive alternative for many of our clients.
Glomaris delivers the best value-for-money application to run your shipping business without having to tie up your capital. Our Glomaris Cloud can be seen as a source of effectively infinite computing resources available on short notice, thus enabling high scalability and flexibility for your business.
With a small monthly payment, we deliver all you need for chartering/calculations, routing, operation, control, finance in one smooth application.


Glomaris at CMA Shipping

What is Glomaris ?

Glomaris offers you instant access to an advanced shipping management solution, with no maintenance and no IT infrastructure. You can connect anytime, anywhere; all you need is a PC, or iPad connected to the internet. It is exceptionally fast and easy to get started by downloading and installing the Glomaris Client.

Truly Integrated

You need to integrate your business processes?

Glomaris can be used with any ERP system, making it is easy to get started and quickly begin to gain value from this unique solution. 

Glomaris is expanding its integration parts in a rapid pace. You can already now
harvest the benefits of i.e. DA-Desk, Q88, Q88Dry, Baltic99 and MarineTraffic.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or simply want to get started.