CMA Shipping 2017

Discover Glomaris at the CMA Shipping 2017 exhibition

Disruption is the name of the game for Glomaris diving into 2017 and beyond.

“The emergence of online applications, cloud-based systems, and software services has led to the development of new methods of managing ship fleets.” (M. Wingrove,

We like to think that this statement embodies Glomaris—except that rather than venturing into the unknown, Glomaris is already firmly established as a quality cloud-based voyage management solution. Let us show you how you too can benefit from our 20+ years of experience developing products for leading shipping companies.

CMA Shipping 2017 agenda

"Music for the masses"
The Glomaris vision is to empower those in the shipping industry with a comprehensive, accessible, fast and low-cost commercial voyage management solution, not only for the selected few but for all.

Join us for USD 269 per month and let us prove our worth - we will have you up and running at full speed within days.

Glomaris gives you the quickest deployment and most affordable commercial shipping platform in the world. Come and check us out at CMA Shipping 2017, 20th-22nd of March in Stamford, Connecticut.