Glomaris 1.2 is here, and stronger than ever

Glomaris is constantly striving to give you the best applications possible and on the most advanced technology platforms available.

Glomaris has released a new software update: Glomaris version 1.2.
Keeping with Glomaris’ roadmap, we are raising the bar both in terms of enhancing the user experience, but also technology-wise. The new Glomaris 1.2 release will give shipping companies even more power to facilitate decision-making and automate workflows like integrated voyage planner.

Niels Ammendrup, E Foqus COO explains, “E Foqus is constantly enhancing the Glomaris solutions in order to address the complex needs of our users around the world – including tanker, dry bulk, and more. The new release incorporates considerate feedback and expertise from some of our industry-leading clients. The enhancements are the result of key collaboration with these companies”.

Highlighted functionality and improvements for Glomaris 1.2 release include:

  • DA–Desk integration with web services platform
  • Extended Security Model - Filter based security, so that access to different areas can now be role-based
  • Restriction Avoiding Routing - Allowing users to change route to stay out of restriction areas for as long as possible
  • Store Document History - The solution stores a pdf version of all prints to enable users to see document history
  • New and improved Map Services
  • New and improved ERP and BI integration features
  • 100% ready for Windows 10

With these enhancements aimed at improving operational efficiency and productivity, shipowners and managers now have an even better incentive to invest in the Glomaris Suite.

Please Note: A free upgrade will be available for qualified devices and customers. Glomaris 1.2 will only be automatically upgraded for OnDemand customers (Cloud based); OnPremise users will be contacted by their sales representative, to discuss an upgrade to the latest version of Glomaris 1.2.