New Bunker Restrictions

New restrictions at and around Iceland are set to be executed per May 1st. 2015

Maximum allowed sulphur content of marine fuels in Iceland and Icelandic Exclusive Economic Zones (IEEZ) are as follows:

Ships can use emission abatement methods as an alternative to using marine fuels that meet the above requirements. The emission abatement methods shall comply with the criteria specified in the instruments referred to in Annex II to Directive 2012/33/EU. 

Passenger ships on regular service to EU ports shall not use marine fuels with a sulphur content exceeding 1,5% by mass. 

Ships at berth shall not use marine fuels with a sulphur content exceeding 0,1% by mass, or when possible, use onshore power supply. 

In Iceland, Directive 2012/33/EU as regards the sulphur content of marine fuels, is transposed into Regulation No. 124/2014.


Glomaris Advanced Distance Server

Keeping Glomaris Advanced Distance Server and Glomaris Voyage Management System in the forefront of shipping applications, means staying on top of new development, new requirements and always be alert to changes that have an impact on our costumers business.

We claim to be advanced and we constantly strive to prove ourselves worthy of delivering and supporting your critical business applications.

A new bunker restriction area and the consequences it has for your voyage planning, is just one of many ways we make sure that you are always ahead or on par with your competition.

As usual, administering any general setup like bunker restriction zones in the Glomaris products is extremely simple and you can do it yourself.

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New Bunkercodes

Glomaris Advanced Distance Server will per. May 1st. incorporate 2 new bunkercodes

20 = Sea around Iceland

21 = Ports in Iceland

All users should amend these 2 codes before May 1st. in order to avoid error messages concerning areas at and around Iceland when calculating distances. This is valid for all Glomaris users, who will receive an e-mail with a guide for adding new bunker restrictions.


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