Onboard communication, an integrated part of the Glomaris Voyage Management Solution

Onboard communication, or Ship-Shore communication, as some also call it, has been an integrated part of the Glomaris Voyage Management System for a long time already.

Communicating essential information like vessel position, bunker status etc. is yet more valuable information for the operations to handle. Whether you choose to operate within tank, bulk, project or liner activities, Glomaris is continuously perfecting the way you deal with these tasks.

Glomaris of course also enables you to deal with the complexity of handling multiple load and discharge ports, single tank or multiple tanks, even as a part of a single voyage.

So, make sure you look at Glomaris for any bulk, tank, parceling and onboard communication needs.

Combined with our Advanced Distance Server capabilities, Glomaris offers a cost effective and very easy to use solution for both your chartering and operations people.

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The shipping industry is facing many challenges: logistics, a fluctuating, volatile market, increasing/decreasing fuel prices, changing environmental regulations, and the cost of avoiding hazardous areas.

Every day, you and your staff have to make critical business decisions based on a massive amount of ever-changing information, in a rapidly moving and sometimes dangerous environment.

A seamless, effective shipping organization requires the ability to access up-to-date data, anytime, anywhere. With relevant, meaningful information at your fingertips, Glomaris helps facilitate your decision-making and ensures your data works for you.