Glomaris Voyage Management Solution

Elegant, Easy-to-use, voyage management solution that addresses the challenges facing the shipping industry head on, helping owners, operators, and charterers to manage commercial chartering and vessel operations

Selected features


Calculate your profit/loss in the voyage estimator module before creating a voyage and import cargo from contracts. You can fine tune your key figures and parameters to get the voyage result.

Voyage Itinerary and VOS

Voyage Itinerary:

Enter the actual details for an arrival, departure, date, time and bunkers. Create bunker lifts and update the itinerary with new ports.

Voyage Operation Statement:

Get a detailed view of your income, expenses, TC equivalent, and add additional figures to your voyage.

Advanced Distance Server

Get an overview of your voyage on a map showing additional information like war risk areas and bunker restrictions. Furthermore you can change the waypoints used on your voyage.

Voyage Operation Statement

In the VOS window the controllers can get an overview of the profit/loss and compare the budget with actual numbers and the numbers transferred to finance.