Glomaris is an easy-to-use shipping management solution that addresses the challenges facing the shipping industry

The shipping industry is facing many challenges: logistics, a fluctuating, volatile market, handling of fuel prices, changing environmental regulations, and the cost of avoiding hazardous areas.

Every day, you and your staff have to make critical business decisions based on a massive amount of ever-changing information, in a rapidly moving and sometimes dangerous environment.

A seamless, effective shipping organization requires the ability to access up-to-date data, anytime, anywhere. With relevant, meaningful information at your fingertips, Glomaris shipping management solution helps facilitate your decision-making and ensures your data works for you.

Glomaris offers industry-leading shipping software which integrates Chartering, Operations, Control and Accounts & Finance in one strong, flexible and agile solution, helping to streamline your business and increase your productivity.

Unique Glomaris OnDemand Shipping Software

Glomaris OnDemand offers you instant access to an advanced shipping management software, with no maintenance and no IT infrastructure. You can connect anytime, anywhere; all you need is a PC or iPad connected to the internet. It is exceptionally easy to get started by downloading and installing the Glomaris OnDemand Client and the application supports various cloud providers.

  • Instantly access system benefits with minimum start-up cost
  • Cloud application can immediately be turned on
  • Simple shipping system with no maintenance or hardware costs
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Glomaris Mobile

The Glomaris architecture and technology has provided opportunity to operate the shipping system from an IPad (Chartering) or IPhone (ADS) when you are out of office or away from a computer. This could be relevant for fast and easy check status, potential changes, ports, distances, zone information etc.

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